SDI 'Pola Day' Teeth Whitening Gel

SDI ‘Pola Day’ Teeth Whitening Gels are perfect if you are looking to see noticeably whiter after 30 minutes. Buy today and get secure shopping and FREE delivery on orders over £100.

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Showing all 3 results

Why Choose SDI ‘Pola Day’ Teeth Whitening Gel?

If you’re looking to achieve whitening results fast, then SDI ‘Pola Day’ Teeth Whitening Gel is certainly a product worth considering. Capable of delivering your desired whitening in as little as 30 minutes, twice a day, this neutral pH whitening product is certainly an impressive option.

Part of the SDI Pola Teeth Whitening Gels range and available in multiple strengths so that you can tailor the treatment to achieve the results you want, SDI ‘Pola Day’ Teeth Whitening Gels also contains fluoride which will help to remineralise your teeth and protect against tooth sensitivity.

If you prefer to whiten your teeth during the night, then check out SDI ‘Pola Night’ Teeth Whitening Gels.