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Top 10 Benefits Of A Radiant White Smile

When it comes to improving your health and beauty, nothing beats a beautiful white smile. It’s not just the fact that an amazing white smile looks great to others, it’s also the other amazing benefits it brings into your life.

We’ve all been there. We look in the mirror and the first thing that stands-out is the stained and discoloured teeth stirring right back at us. They deflate our spirit and put us in a depressed mood all day secretly looking at people as we talk to them to see if they are talking back to us or looking at our unsightly teeth.

The good news is that teeth whitening is not only an inexpensive health and beauty upgrade that helps us feel better about ourselves, it also helps bring a whole range of additional benefits into our lives too.

Below we have outlined the top 10 benefits a beautiful white smile can give you so you know next time you whiten your teeth, you will look and feel much better than before.

1. Happiness

We would say the ultimate benefit of a brighter, whiter smile is happiness. Happiness in you, happiness in your life and happiness in your relationships.

When you are happy you feel more free. You feel you can do anything you set your mind to. You feel confident and relaxed in your own skin and this is why having a brighter, whiter smile can be a huge benefit in your life.

2. Youthful Appearance

Without doubt the number one benefit most people say, or have heard people say to them once they have whitened their teeth is that it makes them look and feel more youthful.

Nothing screams youthful essence more than a beautiful radiant white smile. When you feel youthful, you naturally feel more free which helps boost your self esteem and self-confidence.

3. Self Confidence

Without doubt one of the key benefits we hear all the time from people who have whitened their teeth is that it gives them a huge boost to their self confidence.

Before they whitened their teeth they were constantly worrying about how their teeth looked to others which in-turn caused them to shrink inwards. Afterwards, they felt a lot more confident talking to others which in-turn helped them thrive in social settings.

4. More Attractive

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this is so true. There are literally unlimited ways someone can improve their attractiveness, whether for someone else or just for their own self worth.

A brighter, whiter smile is probably the number one way to boost your attractiveness as it stands out way more than any other part of your body. When someone is talking to you or looking at you talking to someone else, they can’t help notice how radiant your smile is. A brighter whiter smile is also one of the things people can notice about you from a distance.

5. Self Esteem

Another key benefit from having a beautiful white radiant smile is how much good it does for your self esteem. How many times have you felt your teeth let your appearance down?

When you no longer have that thought in the back of your mind, you instantly feel more empowered and happier with an extra kick in your stride. An amazing white smile can do wonders for your self esteem not to mention your own self-confidence too.

6. Friendlier

According to a lot of folk, people who have nice white smiles come across as friendlier to talk to and be around. Many could say this goes back to improved self esteem and self-confidence but a nice white smile is more attractive meaning it helps break down communication barriers between people.

Also, when you know you have a beautiful white smile, you naturally feel more inclined and proud of who you are, meaning you are much more relaxed around others.

7. Better Mood

Nothing improves your mood than when you have a beautiful white smile smiling back at you when you wake up in the morning. It helps set up your day.

When you feel good, your day usually becomes better and this in-turn boosts your mood. When you are in a good mood, you get better at everything, daily tasks get easier and things just seem to be more simple. A radiant white smile not only boosts your mood but helps you become more relaxed in your own skin.

8. First Impressions

You know the old fashioned saying ‘first impressions count’ well it’s so true. How many times have you picked up on something about someone after meeting them for the first time?

The same can be said about bad teeth, it’s something that other people pick-up on. It’s not on purpose, it’s just human nature. When you have a beautiful white smile, that is the thing people remember most the first time they meet you.

9. Career Opportunities

As we talked about earlier how an amazing white smile can help create better first impressions, this couldn’t be more important when it comes to career opportunities.

Many people comment how having a radiant white smile helps boost their self-confidence which in-turns improves their performance when it comes to new career opportunities. Whether it’s for a job interview, meeting, presentation or just friendly conversation with a coworker, having a beautiful white smile without doubt will make you feel better and more confident.

10. Oral Health

If you have healthy white teeth it usually means you have good oral health. It is as simple as that. If you have dark stains or discolouration on your teeth then it’s usually a sign that you need to up your dental care routine.

When you use teeth whitening products, the whitening solutions included are specifically designed to remove tough stains and discolouration meaning your teeth are much cleaner and less prone to plaque buildup.


So there you have it.

There are many ways to help improve your health and beauty but none bring so much benefits as whiter teeth. When you have a beautiful white smile, not only do you become more beautiful but everything in life gets more beautiful too.

If you think your smile could do with a brighten up, why not give it a go? You never know, you my find even more ways a bright white smile can do wonders for you.

If you are considering whitening your teeth, here at 365 Teeth Whitening, we have a range of fantastic teeth whitening products to choose from such as Crest whitening strips, Philips Zoom whitening gel, Opalescence whitening gel, SDI Pola whitening gel and a fantastic range of whitening toothpaste and accessories.

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