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Teeth Whitening Gels: How To Use Guide (Step-By-Step)

Using teeth whitening gel can be tricky if you are new to the product or have minimal experience of using the product. If you are going to get the best whitening results possible from teeth whitening gel, in the most safe and easiest way, it is important to understand how to use the teeth whitening gel in the correct way.

Fortunately, we have created this detailed and informative ‘how to use’ guide so you can follow each step with ease:

1. Preparation

Before using any teeth whitening gel, make sure you fully floss and brush your teeth to ensure teeth are completely clean.

2. Pre-Checks

Ensure your whitening trays are clean and dry. If they are not fully clean, give them another clean and dry.

3. Mixing

Twist off the cap on the syringe and then replace with the mixing nozzle cap (if your whitening gel doesn’t have a mixing nozzle you can skip this step).

4. Application

Place a small amount of the gel (approximately a teardrop size) in each tooth compartment of the whitening tray. The gel should be placed just above the bottom of the tooth compartment.

5. Attaching

Place the filled mouth trays in to the mouth and ensure the trays make a firm but snug fit with the teeth.

6. Safety

Ensure the whitening gel does not make contact with the gums (if it does simply wipe it off with a dry fingertip).

7. Fitting

Be careful not to push the gel out of the tray when seating on to the teeth. If you see bubbling in the gel, don’t worry as this is part of the whitening process.

8. Wear Time

Ensure the mouth trays remain seated on the teeth for the recommended amount of time specified in the recommended treatment plan.

9. Removal

Once the whitening treatment is complete, remove the mouth trays from your mouth and place on protective surface (so the gel doesn’t stain your clothes or worktop).

10. Clean & Dry

Wash mouth trays under cold water (hot water will damage them), dry off and store them in their protective case ready for next time.

11. Rinse

Gently brush your teeth and gums (ideally with a sensitive toothpaste) and enjoy your new whiter smile.

12. Repeat

Repeat the treatment and steps above each day for the recommended treatment plan duration.

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Legal Disclaimer

All of the information in this guide is by its nature generic. You should not place any specific reliance on any generic advice displayed in this guide. All patients are different and their dental problems are therefore also different. We strongly recommend that you speak to a qualified dentist/orthodontist before purchasing any teeth whitening products. 365 Teeth Whitening makes no warranty or representation that any of the information in this guide is accurate, complete or current or that it contains no technical or typographical errors. For more information, please visit our terms & conditions.

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