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10 Famous Movie & TV Stars Who Have Had Teeth Makeovers

When it comes to getting the lead part in a blockbuster movie or successful TV show, famous actors, actresses and TV stars do whatever they can to achieve the perfect smile. The term ‘Hollywood smile’ was created for this reason.

But did you know many of today’s A-list actors, actresses and TV stars didn’t always have the beautiful white smiles they are known for today?

In many cases, their teeth were in poor condition (either through genetics or too much partying), were damaged due to a stunt gone wrong or were just not ‘Hollywood’ enough.

Although it’s heartening to know these super-celebs are actually mortal beings like the rest of us, you’ve got to admit – to achieve super-stardom, your teeth and smile need to be easy on the eye.

In this article we highlight 10 famous movie and TV stars who have had complete mouth overhauls to get their pearly whites to the Hollywood standard.

10. Kate Beckinsale

Kate was already blessed with a beautiful smile but after her dental overhaul, she has taken her smile to the next level by opting for a natural look that elevates her natural beauty.

9. Blake Lively

Blake was another who had minimal worries when it came to her smile but with her dental makeover, her perfectly shaped and bright white teeth defines the meaning of a Hollywood smile.

8. Zac Effron

Zac had nothing to worry about when it came to his smile but with his dental overhaul addressing the gap in his front upper teeth, not to mention brightening them up a good few shades of white, his smile now looks even better.

7. Catherine Zeta Jones

You could say Catherine was already blessed with nice teeth, however, by getting them re-shaped and brightened up, she has definitely elevated her smile to a whole new level.

6. Millie Bobby Brown

Millie’s dental overhaul has focussed prominently on re-shaping of the teeth for a symmetrical smile along with brightening them up a few shades whiter. Now she looks every inch the Hollywood A-lister she is.

5. Emma Watson

Emma’s dental overhaul has massively improved her smile with perfectly shaped teeth and a natural radiant white colour that helps emphasise here radiant and natural beauty.

4. Nicholas Cage

Even the years of hard partying didn’t really damage Nicholas’s teeth that badly but now after his dental overhaul, his teeth look naturally perfect and has helped him regain that cheeky smile he is known for.

3. Demi Moore

It is fair to say that back in the day, Demi didn’t consider a Hollywood smile as a priority, however, after her dental makeover, she now looks a million dollars with a beautiful smile that has focussed on the natural look.

2. Morgan Freeman

Morgan was never really bothered about having a pearly white Hollywood smile, however, his recent dental overhaul has given a radiant smile that many of the younger actors in Hollywood would dream of.

1. Tom Cruise

Most people only know Tom to have perfect teeth, however, when he was first starting out in his acting career, his teeth were so bad that he effectively help create what is known today as the Hollywood smile. As we can see, that decision to overhaul his teeth back in the early 80’s helped him become one of the most recognisable faces in the world for the last 40 years.

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