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10 Famous Footballers Who Have Had Teeth Makeovers

Remember the days when footballers looked like the rest of us? Not anymore. Today footballers are the ultimate celebrities like actors, musicians and reality TV stars, and that means they need a beautiful white smile to go with their genius footballing ability and superstar image.

If a footballer wants to succeed in the 21st century, they need a smile that dazzles on the front of sport, celebrity and news magazines, not to mention social media and public appearances.

These days, footballers are more than footballers, they are marketing superstars fronting marketing campaigns for some of the biggest health, beauty and luxury brands in the world.

In this article we highlight 10 famous footballers who have overhauled their smiles to help them become the modern faces of the beautiful game.

10. David Beckham

Arguably England’s most well-known and marketable player ever, David Beckham is a celebrity superstar these days but before he was king of the football world, David didn’t exactly have a superstar smile. Now though after his recent smile makeover, his new look natural yet radiant smile fits perfectly with his modern image.

9. Philippe Coutinho

At one point commanding one of the highest transfer fees ever, Philippe was on the front cover of every sports magazine and football social media post. Even though he had a nice smile before his smile overhaul, Philippe looks every inch the modern footballer with a dazzling white smile

8. Ben Chilwell

Classed as a modern day fullback, Ben Chilwell has had a stellar career so far in top flight football but before he became the superstar he is today, his smile was never at the same level as his footballing ability. These days however, after his dental makeover, he now has a visibility improved smile that befits his footballing ability.

7. Roberto Firmino

Roberto Firmino has won it all at both club and international level, however, before he became the superstar he is today, he never exactly had a superstar smile. These days, he has one of the brightest white smiles ever to grace a football pitch with rumours saying he asked his celebrity dentist to whiten his teeth more than was even possible at that time making him the ultimate ‘Bobby Dazzler’.

6. Christiano Ronaldo

Global football and celebrity phenomenon, Christiano Ronaldo is often described as the perfect male specimen and for good reason. His footballing skills and awards make him arguably the most marketable sportsman ever. Before his superstardom however, his teeth never matched his footballing prowess. These days, after his recent dental makeover, his smile is every bit the million dollar smile.

5. Brendan Rogers

After a rather low-key career as a professional footballer, Brendan Rogers saw his career really take off when he became a manager of some of the biggest clubs in England & Scotland. In his early days, his smile was just as low-key as his professional playing career. These days however, he has had his teeth reshaped and brightened for a world-class smile.

4. Gary Linekar

England footballing legend and now one of the most recognised football presenters in the world, Gary Linekar always had a cheeky smile. After his recent smile makeover, he now has a natural smile with radiant whiteness that helps him continue to be the face of British football punditry.

3. Jurgen Klopp

Another manager who had an average playing career but who has gone on to achieve worldwide super-stardom as a manager, Jurgen Klopp epitomises the modern day football manager. Not so long ago, Jurgen had a pretty under-whelming smile for someone who was winning everything in the game. These days however, after a dental overhaul, he has one of the most iconic smiles in the modern game.

2. Ronaldinho

The poster child for supreme Brazilian footballing wizardry, there is only one Ronaldinho. Known for unbelievable football skills and talent, he was also known for his unique teeth. These days however, after a complete dental overhaul, he looks amazing with re-shaped teeth and a natural whiteness which makes him every inch the footballing legend he is.

1. Craig Burley

The Scottish warrior was an immense player on the pitch and has since gone on to be a formidable pundit for ESPN in the USA and other countries across the globe. Before he started his punditry however he had one issue to address – his unsightly missing front teeth. Today however, after a complete dental and smile overhaul, Craig has teeth that perfectly suit his media-friendly punditry image.

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