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10 Famous Artists & Musicians Who Have Had Teeth Makeovers

No matter if you are a rock’n’roll star, pop singer, rapper or classical composer, if you want to succeed in the cut’n’thrust world of music in the 21st century, then it is imperative that you have a set of pearly white teeth.

The days when artists and musicians could get away with a dodgy set of nashers are long gone. These days, even legendary rock’n’roll singers who have been in the game for over 5 decades know it is a good idea to get their teeth looking tip-top if they still want to appeal to younger fans.

In the modern age of social media where presentation and style is just as important as singing capability and musical artistry, a good set of bright white teeth can make all the difference to getting seen and heard, as well as getting no.1s and awards!

In this article we highlight 10 famous artists and musicians who have had teeth and smile makeovers to help them become famous across the globe.

10. Victoria Beckham

It is hard to argue that even back in her Spice Girls heyday, Victoria already had nice teeth, however, after her recent dental makeover, they now elevate her smile to new heights with a natural brightness and shape.

9. Cardi B

Another female artist who already had amazing teeth, after her recent dental overhaul, Cardi’s teeth now have a beautiful whiteness and shape that helps elevate her smile even more.

8. Justin Beiber

Even as a teen heart-throb, Justin always had a beautiful smile, however, nowadays after his recent dental makeover, his teeth have a radiant whiteness which helps make his smile even more attractive.

7. Cheryl Cole

When Cheryl first burst on to the scene after being one of the winners of the Popstars reality TV show, she was always known for her beautiful smile. These days however, she has taken her smile to new heights with re-shaped teeth and a natural bright tone.

6. Celine Dion

With an angelic voice and more awards to her name than most, Celine has taken over both the music and film worlds, however, after her recent dental makeover, she now has a beautiful smile to go with that beautiful voice of hers.

5. Mel C

Another founding member of the Spice Girls, Mel C articulated the ‘sporty’ spice image with perfection, however, after her recent dental overhaul, she now has a beautiful smile which is more aligned to her modern image.

4. Nicola Roberts

An original member of the first reality super-group Girls Aloud, along with Cheryl Cole, Nicola always had a natural smile. Now, after her recent dental makeover, she has a beautiful white smile and re-shaped teeth giving her that A-list celebrity look.

3. Miley Cyrus

Pop superstar Miley Cyrus has literally taken over everything she has been part of but even before she came to prominence, Miley already had a cute smile. Now, after her recent dental makeover, she has that Hollywood smile that is in keeping with her celebrity super-stardom.

2. Gwen Stefani

Even as Gwen became a house-hold name back in the 90’s, she was always proud to wear her teeth braces, so much so they became part of her image. Nowadays, with the braces gone and her teeth overhauled, she has a beautiful smile that rivals anyone else in the business.

1. Noel Gallagher

Rock’n’roll star Noel Gallagher has been a party animal for most of his early life and career, and wasn’t afraid to admit it, however, all that partying eventually took its toll on his teeth. After his recent dental makeover, he now has a smile that befits his legendary status in the 21st century.

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