Opalescence 35% Teeth Whitening Gel (Mint)


Opalescence 35% Teeth Whitening Gel is a powerful teeth whitening gel that creates instant white smiles.

1 x Pack = 2 x 1.2ml Syringes

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Product Benefits

  • Whiten your teeth the fast, safe and easy way
  • Contains 35% carbamide peroxide
  • Each syringe contains 1.2 ml
  • Dispensing tips on each syringe
  • Reduce sensitivity with this new formula
  • Guaranteed fresh with up to 2 years shelf life if stored in refrigerator*
  • Carbamide peroxide whitens deep in the enamel and is available in multiple strengths
  • Created by a dentist and formulated to protect against tooth dehydration and shade relapse
  • Opalescence teeth whitening is gluten free and kosher certified
  • Opalescence is made in the USA from the best USA and globally sourced materials

Product Overview

If you’re looking for a whitening treatment that can rid your teeth of discolouration and give you the smile you dream of, then Opalescence 35% Teeth Whitening Gel could be just what you’re looking for.

Thanks to its adhesive properties, Opalescence 35% Teeth Whitening Gel produces fast results to give you a noticeably whiter smile in days, rather than weeks. Designed and created by a dentist, the formula in this Opalescence teeth whitening gel guards against tooth dehydration and provides protection from shade relapse, meaning you can be confident of a bright and lasting smile.

This simple, at-home treatment is delivered through easy-to-use syringes, making application easy and hassle free.




Treatment Plan

10 Days: 1 x treatment per upper teeth row and 1 x treatment per lower teeth row for a maximum of 6-8 hours overnight.


Glycerin, Water (Aqua), Urea (Carbamide) Peroxide, Carbomer, Carbamide Peroxide, PEG6, Xylitol, Sodium Hydroxide, EDTA, Peppermint Oil (Aroma), Potassium Nitrate, Sodium Fluoride, Sucralose.



Please Note

This product DOES NOT come with mouldable mouth trays included. We highly recommend you purchase new mouldable mouth trays every time you purchase a new teeth whitening gel product. You can purchase high quality mouldable mouth trays and FREE hygienic protective case by clicking here.

For the best whitening results with this product, we also highly recommend you purchase and utilise a portable hand-held 5 LED light as part of your whitening regime. You can purchase a high quality LED light by clicking here.

In some cases, people may experience some slight sensitivity in their teeth after use. This should reduce after a few days, however, if sensitivity persists, please consult your dentist.

Product will be shipped as is with all boxes and packaging removed. We remove all excess packaging to reduce cost of postage for you and to be more environmentally friendly.


How To Use

  1. Before using the Opalescence whitening gel, make sure you fully floss and brush your teeth to ensure teeth are completely clean
  2. Ensure your whitening trays are clean and dry
  3. Twist off the cap on the syringe and then replace with the mixing nozzle cap
  4. Place a small amount of the gel (approximately a teardrop size) in each tooth compartment of the whitening tray
  5. Place the trays in the mouth and ensure the trays make a firm but snug fit with the teeth
  6. Ensure the gel does not make contact with the gums (if it does simply wipe it off with a dry fingertip)
  7. Be careful not to push the gel out of the tray when seating on to the teeth – if you see bubbling in the gel, do not worry, this is part of the whitening process
  8. Ensure the trays remain seated on the teeth for the recommended amount of time specified in the recommended treatment plan
  9. Once the treatment is complete, remove the mouth trays and wash them under cold water (hot water will damage them) – store them in their protective case ready for next time
  10. Gently wash your teeth and gums and enjoy a nice whiter smile

Treatment Plan

10 Days: 1 x treatment per upper teeth row and 1 x treatment per lower teeth row for a maximum of 6-8 hours overnight.


Opalescence Teeth Whitening Gel Instructions Manual


Opalescence Teeth Whitening Gel Syringe Mint Flavour Opalescence Teeth Whitening Gels Single Pack Mint Flavour


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